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  1. it's been a week tomorrow since I haven't been able to use my lvl 132 character. I've put in my ticket and email and as usual no response when I lost characters before I started over. sometime I got them back but never did I get a response from wildcard or any help. This time there is no starting over I will lose too much and i know wildcard could care less i love this game but I can't continue. Wildcard you should stand by your product I've watched people get taken advantage of for 6yrs when you do nothing but keep put out broken maps you need to fire some people and get someone who really wants to make a better game I for 1 will not be buying ark 2 i wont through this again
  2. I can't do anything with my main character it just lays there sleeping can't transfer it
  3. I can't do anything my character is just laying there sleeping. Should I reinstall the game
  4. Friday when the 2x event began i signed in as usual all was good Saturday , when I tried to sign into my server i was asked to create a character, I tried to download my character and i found out i'm removed from my tribe i used another character and saw that my has tribe name but i can't use it
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