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  1. Hover skiff PS4 How do I land the hover skiff on PS4 with holding triangle on it? I know there’s a way on PC but on PS4 I’ve done it a few times but I don’t know how?
  2. Extinction is broken. EU PvE Official Extinction 1030 PS4, is so buggy, it’s taking me 10 minutes to load in but then when I do I literally can’t do anything apart from walk a couple yards and wait for it to kick me out. Wildcard! Do something rather than bringing more dlc’s out to get people’s money. SORT THE SERVERS SO WE’RE ALL HAPPY AND ACTUALLY WANNA PLAY! PUT A CAP ON HOW MANY DINOS EACH CHARACTER CAN HAVE OUT AT A TIME BECAUSE THATS A MASSIVE CAUSE TO THE PROBLEMS!
  3. I’m getting hosts connection lost on EU 912 Rag. Any way of getting over this? I’ve tried saved data and the game just finished installing it again and it’s doing the same thing, again! PS4
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