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  1. Hello, Did battleeye banned reshade in the last patch for ark ? I use it to make the game more colorfull and it has no impacts on pvp gameplay for me, just the game looks nicer.
  2. Leys

    ARK 2!!

    Imagine all the meshing and duping we will be able to do
  3. Leys


    Hello guys, Can i get mate boost bonus if i have a little female ferox on shoulder and i am riding a big one ? Is it possible to dismount multiple giga rider at the same times ? I want to use thoses guys to counter red and purple OSD
  4. did you tame it with rocket or canon ? did you manage to get headshots ? whistle stop mooving ? yes it can be podded and uploaded use grapple to come back on your skiff
  5. i dont think other ascencion give element
  6. The rate are terrible. The only thing even worst than this is farming element ore and converting them in battery charger
  7. For the cave : Craft a wingsuit and fly it down all the way (cactus broth + ghillie make you invisible to all dinos if you fail your fly you will not get aggroed) For the overseer : tek jetpack with 25 element + MC pump shotgun + 500 ammo (you can solo it in gamma + beta difficulies / for alpha it's better to have a friend with you). For rockwell : cactus broth (reaper and nameless doesn't notice you)+ 170% moove speed + MC shotgun + 400 ammo for gamma and beta (you can solo it) for alpha bring oen more friend. Imagine using dinos in ascension fights
  8. I thought there were a cap when damage become useless.. Then i tried an ankylo with mate boost and yuti -> more damage you have more ressources you get (for metal / flint and shards)
  9. PVP: flak with big dura / tek for situational and basically never use riot pve: chitin
  10. i think both are exactly the same mods
  11. Sorry i was thinking it works on offi, its the SS grinder from S+ mod
  12. Craft a grinder and grind your element into dust it has better rates than city terminal but you still lose some
  13. Official settings are harder than soloplayer. I don't know why and how to mimic them in your soloplayer tests. Maybe try to set difficulty lvl to 1.2 or even 2. How to get easy eggs : Let your bloodstalker in a safe place and craft a wingsuit, a crossbow, 10 grapples and med brews. Then fly down all the way to the eggs and try to grab one and grapple out using med brews. If you die its not a big deal you basically lost nothing expensive and your dead corpse will be closer than the actual nest. So suit up again and go to your corpse and repeat, when you are safe teleport out.
  14. Most of the answers on this topic are made by cocky people who cannot even tell the difference between a rathole and a meshole The majority of solo player's rathole allows them to unpod 2 to 4 dino maximum and it doesnt even impact the gameplay of others players (OP the solo life is really hard and i feel you, you should spend a lot of time in soloplayer on Crystal Isle, the map is still fresh and there is a lot of spots that are not puclic yet). Let solo players live inside their little hole and enjoy playing ark for a time (that's what OP was talking, he never said that WC patched h
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