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  1. I host my own nitrado server on xbox. I cant place tech walls, door frames, or ceilings. If this is on WC's end, they need to fix this.
  2. PvP XBOX 24/7 Cluster Valguero and upcoming Genesis map boosted dedicated server Note: While this is a cluster server, the second server will remain locked until the Genesis release. Come and explore the world that is TheForbiddenOnes! Hosting a friendly server where communication, trust and hard work is the main philosophy. New players will receive on-the-spot help from one of our admins and will be protected from raids until reaching a reasonable level. There are plenty of events to help you win currency and special items for hunting and raiding. Please join our server and be the few lucky players to have access to the Genesis map once released! Server name is TheForbiddenOnes. For more information, my GT is MrDevilFerret.
  3. TheForbiddenOnes Love adventure? Love to battle other users? Want to earn in-game currency from special events? Come and join my dedicated server! 100 slots open waiting for you to take a spot and explore the map of Valguero. One map not good enough? I'm also planning on clustering once the December update hits! Server is up 24/7 and settings administered by me. All dinos at high levels, level up quick, up to tech tiers, and clans are welcome. Donations are always appreciated; making money to keep this server is not without its challenges. If interested, contact my gamertag MrDevilFerret or my Discord MrDevilFerret #1142
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