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  1. Ark Small Cluster God's of Disaster and God's of Disaster2 has just opened up a 2 map cluster. Server is designed to play to win and not pay to win. Maps are Ragnarok and Abberation. 20man on both. Server will increase if populated. Admin does have shop on Ragnarok set up. There are starter packs if needed. This is not a fiber crafted base server. It does have semi easy crafting. Taming 30x Harvesting 10x. Unlimited Weight. Custom drops. Other stats are focused toward official but are elevated slightly. Full pvp 24/7. All is welcome but server is adult ran. Server is not super boosted. If you want a change from highly boosted servers to a more grinding server please come try us! Give us a shot will have a good time. Ps any questions to Birdman0514.
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