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  1. thank you! should have checked there first but i had to help my grandma lol
  2. I regret everything... Sooo...I tweaked with the LayEggInterval in the game.ini files and i finally got a male for a female and it started laying crazy because I set it to like the lowest degree. I'm trying to find a way to set it back to normal and I could just do restore defaults but then all my custom settings will be reset so does anyone know what the regular NORMAL lay egging rate is or what it says in the game ini file so I can fix my own and stop eggs coming out like conveyor belt? This is totally on me but any help is much appreicated.
  3. Lowering Mating Time So I am getting into breeding some Argentavis, I recently found a view cool red colors for the Turkey Trials so I wanted to breed them can anyone give me a step by step or a video link that lowers the mating wait time? I would like to spam mate them and eventually I'll probably do this with my hesperonis as well.
  4. Transferring Eggs Across Map? So I've recently started gathering up materials to begin the transfer across maps for my gathering of dinos that spawn only on other maps. Currently I'm going to be transferring to Ragnarok but I'm probably going to also do Valguero in the near future. I was wondering if there was any possibility of myself working towards transferring eggs of different species back to my home base and operations on the Island. So getting to my main question, is there any possible chance I could transfer eggs of dinos from these maps in either the inventories of the transfer dinos I might bring with me? Or will I have to upload the eggs separately in the 50 item restriction of transferring items back to the Island. The dinos I probably will be transferring egg wise are wyvern eggs, from Valguero in the future probably deinonychus eggs and some color mutations probably not quite sure yet. Obviously I'm going to be transferring some creatures back to the Island but I would appreciate some other rare creature eggs to get as well I still have a lot of work to do on my singleplayer base. I wanted to beat the bosses on base game before I get Scorched or Aberration so I guess some will be left out. (Rock drakes I'm coming for you in the future )
  5. Thank you for the advice I really needed it I was confused.
  6. I Have A Plan But I'm Not Sure About It So I recently just got back into Ark and I'm doing great not a beach noob anymore and I've set up a pretty small but efficient base at the Valley on the Island so my main question is I do want to have some tames that don't spawn on The Island for example Wyverns and a Griffin but I'm still pretty inexperienced with the transfer system in ARK. If I was to take my character who already has levels and stats to Ragnarok and then transfer my character back to the Island would it affect either my tames or my saved file on the Island in any shape or form? I do want tames from other maps but I won't do it if its at the expense of ruining my already well-worked save file and if that's the case I might consider just spawning in fertilized eggs if there is any cause for error on my part. Edit: Also would I be able to transport eggs from other worlds in my tamed dinos inventory and then preserve them.
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