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  1. Same issue here too. Frustrating given the patch that was meant to fix the DC has now given us another issue
  2. You've never been through a windows update before? Welcome to the normal lately unfortunately.
  3. Same issue here, and with other people I play with on W10. That charity event is going to be amazing - I'm willing to bet we don't even get into the game!
  4. You know what - raising the ark data timer above 24 hours would be a potential fix for this. There must be some reason however, that they haven't?
  5. They've gone quiet about it. The issue had been acknowledged on twitter and the official discord but no update from discord in six hours almost now. I don't think we'll be getting this event today and unfortunately baysikplayz - I think you can kiss goodbye to your dinos.
  6. An external SSD makes a big difference, but probably not worth it with how close the new XB are now.
  7. I'd hold on, the new Xbox drops soon and is far better spec'd than the current xbox is. Most if not all of your issues should be gone - just watch that storage space...... ark is like a person that eats more donuts every update and shows no sign of slowing down in growth rate!
  8. Exactly the same issue on other crossplay servers..... Eggs hatch in an hour - ty wildcard!
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