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  1. Hi! I found a fix/workaround! Launch the game through installation folder intead of Steam. I have not crashed once since launching through installation folder. FYI: I tried some of the suggestions here and even monitored my GPU and CPU temps. Nothing unusual found. Thanks everyone!
  2. Edit: Solved! Launch ShooterGame_BE.exe through installation folder instead of Steam. Constant crash in ARK Hi, Hope this is the right spot. For about two months I have been crashing mid-game or while loading into a server. Sometimes it just loads fine into the servers and other times it's stuck on Snapshot 16. I have tried the following to fix this problem: - Uninstall drivers and reinstall to the latest. With and without GeForce Experience - Launched the game in different modes through steam (low ram and what not..) - Lowered my settings from high to low - Reinstalled the game twice - Unsubscribed to all workshop mods, deleted them through local files and let them download through a server I play on - Verify game files Problem occurs on official servers, unofficial and offline mode (with and without mods). My specs Error message when the game crashes
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