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  1. We maked IT X5 since on a range of 2 hour witch is a short session ,can tame pretty Much Any dino
  2. No you chose the server type :pc unofficial You remove the Mark on the box server with password Every starting lettre is capital Jurrasic Ark Fr
  3. Go on server list pc unofficial server, There is no password The server is named Jurrasic Ark Fr I finish work in 1h30 Ill get on there
  4. Open PVP server Jurrasic Ark FR Server pvp open to everybody No offline raiding X5xp earned X5harvest X10taming X10 breeding We Search tribe to compete with 14 slot to fill Add me psn if you have Any problem peanutncashew Server name:Jurrasic Ark Fr
  5. Ya we give like a wyvern to Start with and no raid offline is prohibited
  6. But with the x10 xp IT goes pretty quickly since we Want the server to be pvp
  7. New PS4 PVP. Server x10harvest. X5 gaming VAlGUERO Hello fellas! We opened 4days Ago a New server pvp ,se have place for some solo players or tribe! Harvestx10 Tamingx5 Breedingx10 Map valguero The server Will be pvp but while we are waiting for New tribe just to be fair There Will be no pvp until 3week for everybody to set Up down ! Tribe that Will come Will receive some gift to Start Up! Add me PS4 for more information! Psn: peanutncashew
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