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  1. I'm not missing anything though...
  2. Support won't help with Valguero? Some random person told me that problems related to Valguero and Rag will be ignored by support cuz they aren't official maps. Is this true? If they are going to label it as a DLC on steam then they should treat it like one.
  3. UE4-ShooterGame Game has Crashed Hello, I recently got the game and as of 2 days ago a problem started and I can't fix it. I am crashing on Valguero and Ragnork and getting a (crash log?) report of the crash. I've read through the report and it's telling me, from what I can gather, that there is a tree that won't load into the game. Why a tree? I got no clue but it's stupid and funny that a tree is causing this problem. It looks something like this : " /ShooterGame/Content/Mods/Valguero/Assets/Mic/CherryTree_Trunk.uasset while object MateriallnstanceConstant /Game/Mods/Valguero/Assets/Mic/CherryTree_Trunk. CherryTree_Trunk needs to be loaded " So, I followed the file path and the CherryTree_Trunk is in the folder. I tried to re-installed the whole game. Then I tried to re-install Val/Rag. I verified my files 5 times and it's not working. I sent in a support ticket but I haven't a clue if they can really help with this issue. I noticed several others having this crash report but no one seems to have or see the "CherryTree_Trunk" issue. I feel like this should be a simple fix but it's not or at least not that I can find. Google hasn't been helpful at all and even typing in the name of the game it still pulls up websites talking about Cherry Trees. The game was running fine even after the Fear update, tried to play the next day and no go. The Island and all that runs just fine but I am put out as Valguero is where my game is at. I play on single player only. I don't use any mods aside from Primitive +, which I tested and is unrelated to the problem. I haven't a clue what to do other then wait for the ticket reply or hope that someone here might know what to do. Anyways thanks for checking this out!
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