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  1. Wrong Engram you need medium crop plot, and you'll need to be able to kill the swarms as they attack crops, unless you get lucky and they have better things to do.
  2. I haven't gotten them too, my guess is their targeting system is broken, or they wanted to challenge you by requiring manual defense with these guys. One of the glitch stories says the place is suppose to test your building skills, each in it's own way.
  3. The only problem is they could be just like the other dinos, all the dinos I've so far tried, Spino Velono, Magmasaur, Raptor, and Deinon, none of them will target these things without them being the aggressor.
  4. mod reversing Managarmr, Velonosaur nerf? So I'm looking for mods that reverse the PvP balance changes as I play Sp but in about a month or two will be hosting a server for a very small group of people. I know there's the classic glider mod and the classic flyers mod, but for example is there a classic managarmr mod? or a mod that brings these all into one thing? I know the Velono was also nerfed prety bad so if anyone has info about that I'd appreciate it, Either they don't exist yet or I'm bad at searching the workshop, I'm hoping it's user error and the community can help me out. The best thing would be a mod that reverses all or most of the balance changes made for PvP sake with little to no regard for Sp and PvE play.
  5. I run SP so I just went an grabbed two bug zapper mods until they get fixed, only being able to fight in 3rd person, their extreme aggro range, their excessive spawning, and them targeting Gachas and Turret plant seedlings, and dinos even set to aggressive ignoring them is just too much. I'm trying to build a large base and having those guys constantly forcing me to stop what I'm doing to deal with it personally is far too tedious. The whole point of this post was about me not having to deal with them directly and all the options sugested so far require my direct action. I have velonos that only aggro once they hit my or my plants even when set to aggressive, one was even in turret mode. I needed a dino or turret or structure that killed or stopped them and none apparently exist so mods are the only way to go right now.
  6. I said an automatic way, they don't just attack me they attack my crops which is another problem. I'm trying to get plant turrets for defense but these guys break them while they are seedlings.
  7. I said automatic, and bug repellent won't kill them only make them ignore me temporarily, I'd have to constantly use them causing a huge resource drain defeating the purpose, I'm talking about ways to kill them or get them away from my base while I build.
  8. Insect Swarm help Are there any non manual ways of protecting from insect swarms? Tames won't attack them unless attacked, I've seen a mod that's a bug zapper and I may just do that but I'd rather there be a vanilla option. It gets tiresome having to grab a mount and kill them when I don't have very many right now, and I don't know where to get cacti for propellant for the fire based weapons.
  9. Resource collection hubs I think it would be a great idea to have a structure of Tier progression that can store large amounts of Resources, similar to the dedicated storage. However these structures would be similar in size to the cloning chambers starting small for thatch tier and almost as big at tek tier. Their purpose would be to have dinos linked to them is such a way that when not actively following anyone they will head to it and store items in it's inventory, when set to wander they would do this when their inventory weight reaches the amount that would cause them to stop harvesting, when actively following they would do it immediately after being dismissed. Probably the most annoying part of ARK is resource collection and inventory clearing from the entire hunting party, especially if you're in a small tribe or server. This would allow automation only after you get the necessary creatures and it would be useful to set a range that prevents wandering beyond a certain range for the linked creatures and dismissing creatures has to be done within range. Either that or something similar to S+s dedicated storage intake but allowing for dinos to automatically move to it to dump items instead of having to manually move each and every dino to it.
  10. iolaus

    More hair styles

    More hair styles I was thinking it through and I love that this game allows the player to hide their helmet, but there aren't enough hairstyles to choose from. I think this game could use more. Maybe make them event rewards like the emotes or more achievement hairstyle rewards even. Another cool concept would be to have the hats not hide the characters hair as well, nothing worse than every hat that doesn't cover much, magically buzz-cutting whoever wears it. The Party hat, top hat, and hunter hat for example, there is no reason for the hair to go away with those, honestly until I learned about the hide hat I used only the vampire eyes skin and the bunny ears skin as they were the only 2 helmet skins to not buzzcut the character while being worn.
  11. Using Basilisk and Poison Wyverns safely I'm wondering if there are any tamable creatures immune to basilisk and wyvern poison attacks? I know a wild Rock elemental is but I've not yet been able to tame one to check this. I'm currently On Extinction I'm wanting to do some orbital drop runs but I'm not sure If including Basilisks set to allow the poison shots is a good idea, the main reason for including them is because they are good in a fight and they can carry a huge amount of weight. Basically I'm wanting to know if I can switch out some dinos out for some that are immune or just disable the poison shot so collateral damage doesn't happen.
  12. Steam-Xbox Cross Play So I'm not able to find any real information about this specific topic, I've been playing for a while and found out one of my friends on Xbox has it. He doesn't have a PC and I don't have the funds to get it all over again for Microsoft's win 10 version. We have been looking into cross platform servers but there doesn't seem to be any as of yet, I know that we currently can't set up our own at the moment with ASM and I can't find his server when he hosts a dedicated from his end. Is there any current way that me and my friend can play ARK cross play steam to Xbox one? Do we need to just find two servers with the same name, but his mostly says Xbox and a few say cross play but on my end there are none that say cross play under official.
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