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  1. Kingdoms Rising: Dawn of Eranmore RP Kingdoms Rising: Dawn of Eranmore RP Xbox/PC https://discord.gg/PNvuWTw I’m not the owner of this server, nor do I know them, this is a new role-playing server with around 20 active members. Looking for more people to help fill the world, and dedicated role-players. You’ll be apart of an awesome community dedicated to telling the story in a unique way that is influenced by our characters and is updated regularly on discord. If you’re bored and want something fun and cool to get away from the usual grind of ark, definitely check this out. (am
  2. Looking for tribe mates Looking for tribe members to join my kingdom and help me build and inhabit a village on a role playing server. The role playing server is amazing, if you’ve never role played on ark or think it sounds interesting, definitely try it out. The server has around 15 active players on it right now, trying to fill the world and make it feel more alive. Here is the discord, https://discord.gg/PNvuWTw check it out, say you’re there for the tribe recruitment if you wanna rp and join me and I’ll take it from there gonna need a farmer, so we can
  3. I’ve been playing for a couple days now, the owners are experienced with role playing servers and done it right. It’s a lovely story, lovely open role play atmosphere. Anyone looking to join a fun, creative server, I’d say give this one a shot.
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