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  1. Requirements for trading What are the requirements for being able to trade on the cross server trading forum?
  2. Top 5 Favorite Dinos? What are your top 5 and why?
  3. Meks in PvE Is there any use for meks in PvE?
  4. Genesis suggestions A diversification of the current mining dinos would be wonderful. Perhaps a new stone collector, or a new wood collector, or a new metal collector... would all be awesome.
  5. Will I get my dinos back? On valguero when I was doing alpha boss fight the manticore got rubber banded mid air about 1/5 way through the fight and never came down... therefore i lost everything. Is there a chance that I will get my stuff back or no?
  6. A flying resource collector? Would a flier that collects resources be too overpowered? Perhaps one that collects metal would be nice... I know that Wyvern for instance can collect thatch and wood... what do you all think?
  7. Server transfer? How often do you guys change servers on PvE? Do you for instance have a base on Aberration, scorched earth, and extinction? Why do you have different bases? For me: I have one on Aberration for metal, one on Valguero for just a general base, and one on Extinction for crafting tek.
  8. Statistics? I wonder what the ratio of PvP to PvE ark players is. Any way to get this? Looking to do a stats project on it.
  9. Flickering screen Does anyone else's screen flicker when they are on ark? its super annoying and gives me a headache and i dont know how to fix it.
  10. A new resource collector... Another animal that collects metal would be cool. Would be nice to diversify the current selections when it comes to usefulness.
  11. howiey


    pc Is there any way to raise under water dinos easily? My base is pretty far away
  12. Servers How many servers do you guys play on?
  13. howiey


    Genesis Release in December? Thanks
  14. Breeding and farming rates First time it’s ever been 9x and up. Got so much done lol.
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