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  1. can confirm server 443 rollback and lost character and buildings
  2. it is for PC? also pve or pvp, and what i do need to join
  3. interesting , i tried placing spikes but they become demolished , idk why isnt working , now i knew is with offline protection lol
  4. i agree , fixing the bugs this game can make it a great game.
  5. it can be easy , but for sure it would introduce new game mechanics , so we have to wait until release to see
  6. you should try submit a ticket, they help fast on this bug
  7. gacha doesnt spawn on valguero, raptor claws drop are random , so you can transfer that saddle to extinction
  8. Themed skins,colored dinos, and boosted rates
  9. i hate those lag spikes every 15 min, i was being stuck with my dino while a lag spike was happening i was so angry but this game so addictive
  10. do you know if it work on metal nodes?
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