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  1. The Crypt 2xEXP / 4xH / 8xT Ragnarok 2xEXP / 4xH / 8xT Modded Ragnarok server! Events enabled each weekend! Summer Bash Eggcelent Adventure Arkaeology Event Valentines Event Custom events such as even better rates or boosted loot and more! Level 200 wild dinos! Boosted Breeding! 35x Hatch 25x Mature 0.2x Mating Interval 0.1 Cuddle Interval Mods: (Less than 1GB) S+ Awesome Teleporters Awesome Spyglass Ultra Stacks Classic Flyers Rare Sightings Cross Abberation & Extinction Auction House Simple Spawners We have spawns from Abberation, Extinction, and Valguero! Rare sightings adds rare creatures with special abilities over the level cap! We also have SLIGHTLY changed loot such as beaver dams contain small amounts of kibble and dino candy! Alphas drop element and element shards! Join us on discord https://discord.gg/WdHXVeR Connect to the server! steam://connect/
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