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  1. I just wanna let you know that I could transfer back from extinction, after I bred some dinos I wanna take back with me. First I made a backup of the extinction whole directory! I could download back myself but it didn't gave me back my stuff. The takeall commands work like miracle. Thanks for that. Not just in visibility range, I got stuff back far away too. Copying back my backup data to extintion put my toon back, so that Works too. If I finish my Ascension and move forward I try to download myself back again. I have my trophies as well in my structures, so I only need to spawn in the already killed bosses and use kill command on them.
  2. Hey what happens if I have my character with the exact name and tribe name on Extinction now, and I upload myself and try to download myself back to the Island? I am not sure yet how to download back while I have a new active character there though... maybe I drown myself and select download from there. If it would put me back in place I just had to cheatspawn and kill the bosses I already defeated again. Only my explorer notes would remain reset to default everything else could be back.
  3. I have files with old "tribenumber?" does that help me somehow?
  4. I see my old body on the ground where I tried to upload.
  5. Need help recovering my character in single player Hi! I wanted to move my character from the Island to Extinction to get some tames. After uploading and cancelling out before respawning/creating new character back to Island I opened a new game on Extinction. It let me download my character, but after clicking spawn some seconds later it put me to new character creation screen. I created a new character, it was a fresh one not my old. I logged back to Island, could select my bed, tried to upload again. I had to erase Extinction data to get the download option offered again, but the same thing happened. Then read some posts about creating another temporary character on Island before moving to Extinction so that my old one doesnt get "duplicated". But this time I lost the download option and I have a new character on the Island.... I have the Island backup saves, I make backups seeing how much a bugfest this game is. But I didn't make backup of the localplayer arkprofile….. Can I somehow mod this file to make the game log me back into my older character? If I drown myself the download list is empty on Island. If I try to make the same tribe name it it puts a 1 letter to it, so it is not the same.
  6. Thank you guys for the replies! I was logout dragged/drowned in my leather armor during the first days, since my hut was not closed. I figured out how to log out properly after that. I watched stealing bird take away my tamed dodos, that was o.k. and fun I guess. I don't like the idea of a closed pen tho. But small eggs are not necessary anyways. I managed to make a nice wooden hut with crafting (metal level). I made the hut light with lot of windows, I closed all of them too when I logged out. Now what I didn't like, that the starter area was always patrolled by 3 Therinizosaurs, who are ridicolously O.P. for beginners. I watched them killing all my tames and myself.... that was not fun. Then I realized I could make a spiked wall around my land but I couldn't close it off because of land claiming issues. But even so I killed a Carno and a Therizino on my spiked walls. Then yesterday another Therizino was around and one of my Trikes was stuck behind so I went out to kill it. I had two trikes mate boosted (the one stuck far away) and a Stego (loved this one). I was attacking it on foot with a metal spear to draw aggro and save my tames from killing it. Guess what it killed me after switching aggro like 3 times, but my dinos killed it. Then a moron showed up with a santa hat who was just entering the server from playing on console previously, took the meat and hides from the therizino and took half my equipment when I rearrived. He was not even a beginner player just a toxic poop, was bragging about how bad it is on PC compared to console but never gave my stuff back.... So that was the point, when I decided to leave the official servers. Walked an hour at least with my dinos and dodos around the shore, around walled off parts... and thankfully the gate was open around the obelisk, because some moron walled that off too... yet my Stego somehow fell into the water and died by some shark with my stuff on it... and now I can't export myself out. Thats my experience with the game so far.... I guess I restart on a local game and turn up the XP and taming times, since 1+ hour tames are ridiculous anyways. I will miss the multiplayer part, wanted to fight bosses with a tribe. But at least I can pause the game and not anger myself about so many poop.
  7. Transferring from PVE to local Hi! I wanted to upload my level 39 character to further use in local since the PVE servers are toxic as hell (dead body looting, build blocking, etc....). Could only upload my tames and items at the obelisk, the character itself not! I get the option only to transfer to another pve server. I watched some videos to rename the save file name to local but there is no online server save in the folder only local. There is a page where one can "request backup" from legacy servers. Cant find my server there to get the save file..... Any clues how to transfer from beginner PVE to local? Alternatively are there any PVE servers where others can't loot your dead body, and aren't the building spaces/map areas blocked all around?
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