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  1. I just wanna let you know that I could transfer back from extinction, after I bred some dinos I wanna take back with me. First I made a backup of the extinction whole directory! I could download back myself but it didn't gave me back my stuff. The takeall commands work like miracle. Thanks for that. Not just in visibility range, I got stuff back far away too. Copying back my backup data to extintion put my toon back, so that Works too. If I finish my Ascension and move forward I try to download myself back again. I have my trophies as well in my structures, so I
  2. Hey what happens if I have my character with the exact name and tribe name on Extinction now, and I upload myself and try to download myself back to the Island? I am not sure yet how to download back while I have a new active character there though... maybe I drown myself and select download from there. If it would put me back in place I just had to cheatspawn and kill the bosses I already defeated again. Only my explorer notes would remain reset to default everything else could be back.
  3. I have files with old "tribenumber?" does that help me somehow?
  4. I see my old body on the ground where I tried to upload.
  5. Need help recovering my character in single player Hi! I wanted to move my character from the Island to Extinction to get some tames. After uploading and cancelling out before respawning/creating new character back to Island I opened a new game on Extinction. It let me download my character, but after clicking spawn some seconds later it put me to new character creation screen. I created a new character, it was a fresh one not my old. I logged back to Island, could select my bed, tried to upload again. I had to erase Extinction data to get the download option offered again, but
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