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  1. CBs playground 18+ 2x harvest/xp 4x tame/breed Hello everyone I have a nitrado hosted server for xbox one and windows 10 versions of the game. Server name: CBs playground Map is ragnarok Max wild dino level is 150 (180 for tek dinos) 2x harvesting and exp 4x taming and breeding Character stats are also boosted but are still reasonable. A few other changes to improve player experience. I am the only server admin and will not use commands other than dino wipes so don't ask. Rules are simple: 18+ please though I may make exceptions in special cases No stealing/griefing of any kind Don't build close to other players No pvp shenanigans Be respectful to other players at all times Break the rules=ban Message Can4dian Bacon on xbox live for the password, discord is available. Hope to see you ingame!
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