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  1. Hello, I have an issue with resouce respawn in the whole area around and further from my base, where no structures are placed. This issue occured since day 1 (launch day) after harvesting everything with a dino. After that nothing respawned ever again and now it's an empty field what used to be a "bushy" area filled with trees, bushes, rocks. I've tried the re-fertilizer, that sadly does not work at all in my area (which is Bog). Other people do not have these problems, and their resources respaw, so it makes me think that the area is maybe bugged? And like I mentioned there was a lot of resources, but after harvesting 1 time only on the launch day it dissapeared forever. Now that my base got bigger, some areas won't have the resources, but beyond the pillars with no structures I hope someday to see them respawn...
  2. Oh ok. Thank you very much for your answer.
  3. Transfer out and back to the same server Hello, I have a situation that was bothering me for a long time. I would want to transfer my account to another dlc, just to unlock some items and after just transfer the account back. The point is, I want some item bps to be unlocked from Extinction, but I'm currently playing in Valguero. What will happen with my base structures and creatures, that I've tamed in Valguero, if I'll transfer the account to another DLC, just to unlock some bps? Is it safe or should I rather create a different account on that Extinction and level up till I could craft the needed items, and then just transfer them to needed Valguero server for my main account to pick them up? I'm playing on official server, just solo (with no tribe). (p.s. sorry for my bad english )
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