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  1. Bump! Still looking for awesome people
  2. One day left before we open the server for roleplay! Be a cool kid and join us for the very beginning of our server
  3. We will be opening the ARK server for roleplay to commence this Saturday, October, 19th, at 10a BST/5a EST. Come and join us for the fun
  4. LITHIUM RP WHO WE ARE Lithium RP was founded to create a place where people could come, roleplay, and chill. The ultimate goal is to have a fun active community that is as excited about the roleplay as they are about ARK itself. We are no more 'unique' or 'ground-breaking' than any other roleplay server that claims to be. We are just happy to be together, roleplaying in a game we all love-to-hate. THE LORE Season 2 The story of how everything--life, the universe, everything--came to be varies from culture to culture. Some believe that it was created by a divine being of ultimate power. Some believe that the exact conditions needed were met, and evolution paved the way from there. Still more have beliefs that lie somewhere in between. Regardless of opinion, everyone can agree that somewhere, at some point, it began and, over time, things have come to be the way they are today. For this specific place, a land known as Valhalla, there is a much more simple answer. The Kro’khan were a tribe of Orcs displaced from their homeland. They were made up of several family clans, having been forced together by their circumstances--normally, Orcs have single family clans and live separate from each other in strongholds--hanging on to survival by the tips of their fingers. For years, they were the only race in Valhalla, all from the same place and time. Until they weren’t. As different races arrived, so did different ideas. What was a simple tribal life took a shift into an organized society. An economy of coin in return for goods and services was born. Standards of community were created. The different cultures melted into a bubbling, prospering, pot of living breathing inhabitants. And with it came the need for a governing body. There is currently only one ruler, a female Orc by the name of Ro’buk. She has only been on the throne for a year, and is already showing signs of fatigue. Or perhaps that’s because her entire family and half the Orc population in Valhalla were quietly killed off by some unknown group. Could go either way. SERVER INFORMATION Map: Valhalla Redux Tech: Smithy Rates: Experience - 2.5x Harvest - 4x Taming - 2x (Immersive Taming) Mating Interval - 0.15 Egg Hatch - 28x Baby Mature Speed - 8x Max Wild Dino Level - 150 Max Player Level - 105 Gamma - disabled LEARN MORE The information here is only an excerpt of what makes up our server. Just enough to give you an idea and, hopefully, intrigue you. Pop in an say hello on our Discord. You'll never know what may happen until you do! https://discord.gg/SR2DYmJ
  5. Missing Engrams When Overriding (I also posted this in the Steam discussion Bug Reports area, though I'm not sure it fit there) Hello! I am 100% uncertain where to post this so I thought I'd post it here to see if someone can help me I am running an unofficial server and am using engram overrides to prevent the appearance and use of Fabricator+ items. A vast majority of the engram overrides I have used have worked. However, any 'consumables' like narcotic, simple bullets, and re-fertilizer, have all disappeared. Below is a link to the code I'm using in the Game.ini file. I have mods installed so you will see engrams that aren't for Vanilla things mixed in. I have bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams=true directly above the engram coding. https://pastebin.com/6DuGGHsQ If someone could point out what I'm doing wrong, I would appreciate it! Edit: After doing some much more extensive research, and contacting a few friends with ARK knowledge, I discovered and solved the issue. I use a stacking mod which changes the classnames of certain engrams. I just looked up the new classnames in the mod file and plugged them into my code and voila! Hope this helps someone else in the future!
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