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  1. I think I know what you did you might have logged off while sleeping in a bed I dont know if its a switch thing but it has happened to me multiple times if you sleep in the bed and log out you are stuck there for who knows how long best option is to ask someone on the server to kill your character
  2. Smh wildcard did all of the switch players dirty
  3. Disappointed Back in January my dad took me to buy a new game for my Nintendo switch at first when I saw ark I looked right over it but then when my dad pointed it out and said look there's dinosaurs I got excited and bought the game without doing research (I regret it) I played that game all day It brought me so much joy and helped me through hard times it made me open up to the people around me I had a great tribe and many alliances but one night I was speaking with one of my allies and he said something about ark being on the xbox ps4 and PC so I did some research and saw that ark for the switch was basically just a money grab and I had wasted 40 dollars on a game demo pretty much I would check to see every day if there would be an update soon but all I would see was when the last update was (December) it was around late August when I started to give up on getting an update the servers began to run dry but I still tried to stay positive here I am in October thinking about quitting the one thing that helped me through one of the toughest times in my life it's such a shame the graphics aren't even decent it damaged my eyes pretty badly and I have to wear glasses now I did this all for a stupid dinosaur game that I wasted my life on it took my money my time and even my happiness I'm back to the painful state I was in before but it is worst I have tried to auit multiple times but I get dragged back in because I feel like there might be an update soon I loved this game with all my heart I would play it non stop even on school nights I sit in my bed and lower the brightness on my switch and play ark all night I'm extremely devastated that the game I wasted over two thousand hours on was nothing but a dirty scam with horrible graphics and unpatched glitches I can't believe I threw away so much time for a terrible port of a game that I could have bout on any other console and had a better experience I am going to keep my copy of the game only to see it will update I have been so emotionally attached to this game for so long even if I do end up leVing I have nothing to do this game was my everything but I guess it was just a waste of my time and money after all I doubt WildCard even cares about making games people enjoy they clearly only care about the money WildCard seems to be just another group of grimy little good for nothing gold diggers
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