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  1. lol Vit0 we prefer PVP, you know you have to grind but to not even get the chance to even start is a nightmare! If you knew us you would again lol as you would realise that we're in no way fit enough a tribe to wipe anyone! Our main issue is we are to nice and that doesn't get you far on Ark nowadays! Back in the old times we were, what we called Alphas by accident, the main Alphas quit and we ended up having the biggest base but we had loads of friends as we liked a fun server, fight arena, race track etc, we gave new players a chance to join and build up but some young lads who joined us wer
  2. We 3 oldies of olden days Ark, trying to live, not getting very far, joining server after server, killed where ever we are! Is there a decent Alpha tribe on any of the Official PVP Centre or Crystal Isles maps who would welcome 3 old lads who just want to build up and not get wiped every 5 minutes? I understand no one trusts anyone but we cant even get a stone base up without being raided or given the fever! Pm if you can offer us asylum lol Cheers!
  3. Come and meet Angel and Shadow, our 2 great server admins
  4. Code to remove or alter cannons/cannonballs? Can anyone help with what I need to change in the game.ini files to either get rid of cannons or change how much metal is needed to make cannon & cannonballs? Thanks
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