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  1. Mobile Trading Forum I cant find a trading forum for mobile players. Is there one?
  2. ruskimib

    Industrial grinder

    I opted to start a potent dust farm.. What server do you play on?
  3. I try to keep collars on my most important tames. This has happened to my tribe members and myself aswell.
  4. ruskimib

    Eerie turrets

    What Spino said. They don't consume ammo, so even if you load one with 20 rounds they wont be used.
  5. ruskimib


    Expect to spend 200+ amber to revive one.
  6. ruskimib


    If all else fails, contact their customer service and request a refund from them.
  7. If we get a new map dungeons would be for naught imo
  8. ruskimib

    Industrial grinder

    I wish dev's allowed implants to ground into potent dust in multiplayer.
  9. Use rivers to practice on the surface.
  10. Pump shotty 203 on easy server
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