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  1. Is the issue that you don't know how to grab dinos, or you don't know which dinos can be grabbed? for how to, swipe up on the left side of the screen for who, go to https://ark.gamepedia.com/Argentavis#Carry-able_Creatures, but take note that gallis, kapros and proprocs still can be carried
  2. Tame requesting So in the PC version there are cryopods and uploading creatures. In mobile we have tame requesting. But what I really want to know is, should the cryopod make it to mobile? I mean, sure, after the extinction DLC the cryopod is made for all DLCs, why not bring it to mobile, too? Tame Chronicling acts similarly to cryopoding, but the options to activate are just a wee bit annoying. Tame Requesting is also pretty similar, but you can't bring creatures inside of caves SO what you guys out there think? PS: can Titanos and Gigas be requested?
  3. These creatures should Be added Okay, so I know this post will most likely not be read by the devs, but I just want to know I'm not the only player that wants these changes in mobile. So I know the PC is a paid game, therefore has a right for more content in the PC version. Also mobile has it's limits. So I'll try to not be irrational with these. So these creatures I theorize are perfectly acceptable to add into the game: Ovis: Mechanic Similar to a parasaur, so why not? Yuty: Mechanic Similar to an rex, but that is bit of a strain... Deino: Mechanic similar to a
  4. Same here. I wish the coloration of the potent dust wasn't based on chance. or we could paint the animals with paint like on the PC version
  5. 问一下,你所谓的 ”new partners“ 是在说什么? 还有,如果你开一个服务器,国际玩家你允许参加么?
  6. Types of XP grinding (SinglePlayer) Can anyone help me? I'm thinking of different types of grinding until lvl 98 (currently at lvl 83): (and yes, I have already done all caves and the trophy room) 1. Taming a Gig and massacre titans 2. Snow Cave and kill Yetis 3. Farm Swamp cave 4. Focus on alpha killing 5. Start to become a mariner Feel free to add your own methods of Grinding
  7. I mean I do, but for the most part I just wanna hear what you guys would want to say about these creatures that I might find pointless. For example Phlinger Phoo on YouTube Convinced me that Baryonyxs are great cave mounts, and before that I just thought them as aqua carnos. humor me.
  8. When you say 'useless dinos', what do you mean? do you mean your own list or my list? because on my list only the artho, onyc and the mega are capable of harvesting meat.
  9. well sorry, I'm new to the forums
  10. Listen, @Kaprosuchus, I made this post with the intention of finding out the use of the creatures I find useless. If you feel like some other creatures are useless and you have the need to say it, feel free to make your own post. Not to dissuade you or anything, but I don't feel any other creature are useless.
  11. pretty sure that the so called 'golden bullet' is a joke or you could dye a gun yellow so it would shoot out yellow bullets. close enough, I guess
  12. Few Points to throw at you, @145273: Megalosaurus : still, the only two caves that it can do is the hunter and the clever cave, but direwolves or baryonyxs can do it much easier without waiting 'till night Titano: I meant for taming, not why they exist on ark mobile Diplo: You call that an easy tame? (well it is easer considering gigas and mosas and tusos and whatnot) but still not very useful considering argents are easier tames and carries more Bronto: Bears/Rhinos are much better with combat capabilities Procoptodon: Semi-Difficult tame, and their traveling speed
  13. ShadowKrio

    Alpha Raptor

    Ok, So I'll give you a suggestion based on what I did when I was more of a newer player. From what I worked out, Alpha creatures are normally around 6 times as powerful as a non-alpha of a same level. My Advice would be to tame a raptor to fight this nutcase. A raptor's pounce can immobilize alpha-raptors. Also, fight it on a hill, with you on the higher ground. You can dish out more damage without getting much in return. Lastly, If your raptor dies, use a trike. Trikes can do knockback and knock the nutcase away. FYI the place that you are moving to seems t
  14. This is the mobile section, thank you very much. About this, yes, but If you are only lvl 85, then only the lower leveled ones will respect you. For instance, if you were at lvl100 then all griffins, lvl 1 - 450 would all respect you, but if you are only at lvl85, then possibly only levels 1 - 30 would respect you. To answer your questions: 1. respecting: look above, already answered 2. Speed: To be honest, I think Pteros are slightly faster, but Griffins are more of a utility creature as you can glide and use weapons and whatnot. A griffin's glide is most likely fas
  15. Pointless creatures in SP Ok, so I have been playing this game for almost a year now, but still there are the usage of some creatures in SP that I don't understand. Can anyone give suggestions of the usage in following creatures to tame? Megalosuarus: Night hunter, stronger than a rex in the night, weaker than a carno during the day Arthopleura: Can destroy up to stone bases with ease, impressive (NOT) Titanosuar: A pain to tame, and a pain to maintain, but pretty much invulnerable Onyc: Great for...pretty much nothing Diplodocus: more like diplo-dodo-brain, can't
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