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  1. I agree, but the fact that bears are much more powerful than wolves of the same level, regardless of the pack buff. you can do the lower south cave with a bear with ease, one or two shotting most creatures in the cave. Combined with the fact that the bears are quite mobile even in water makes me want to bring them to caves with water. humor me.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, @XaosRes and @nintendogamer7. I'll keep that in mind next time I go on eerie element farms. I have to say, the thing that surprised me the most in this dungeon was that the dodos actually were aggressive, seeing they were peaceful in the Halloween dungeon.
  3. the thing is that I'm trying to farm xp in a more reliable way, and I am bit afraid that sabretooths and wolves are a bit too weak to fend off the cave creatures. since bears are much stronger so I'm more prone to using bears for caves. I've been doing rushes through the cave with health potions and parachutes and grappling hooks and now I'm just trying to farm xp. If only you could request tames into caves or cryopods exist on mobile.
  4. bug report - tame location glitch So I was trying to breed a few bears so that I can Have an easier time in the snow cave. but the snow cave entrance is too small to let a direbear in, so I led the baby into the cave and left the cave. but when I went back into the area, the baby bear glitched out and reappeared next to the entrance of the cave. So I led it back and stayed there until it fully matured. After it matured, I left the cave and it appeared again next to the entrance. WarDrum Studios, can you please fix this glitch?
  5. but this in my opinion is still quite an easy dungeon, so shouldn't you be using this to farm eerie element?
  6. What do you think the devs should add in later updates?
  7. the thing is that I had already done the trophy room pursuit with a Ad+soup+box bonus so I have already gotten the maximum benefit out of it but still, thanks for all the suggestions
  8. ShadowKrio

    Lvl 90+ grind

    Lvl 90+ grind Before I start with my question, I'm going to tell a story about my previous experience. Everyone knows that the mobile port of the game contains modes easy(lvl1-30), medium(1-150), hard(1-300), and hardcore(1-450), right? So my first playthrough was stuck at lvl 70, I couldn't advance past this. I blame the quetzals and raptors for trashing my equipment, messing up my tames, and leaving me with junk. not necessarily in that order. I also think it was because I couldn't tell myself to be brave enough to go to caves (except for the hunter and massive caves lol), while residing on veggie island with about 30 useless tames and 5 useful ones. Now I am on my second playthrough of the game, I am currently at lvl 90 with a casual medium server (feel free to call me a noob). I now live on the western approach and the red obelisk, with all tames serving their purpose. Anyone has any suggestions on getting to lvl100? any kind of help is appreciated, but please don't link YouTube clips cause I can't access them.
  9. I agree, that would be awesome if the could do that. If this was ever put out, I'm pretty sure that they will have the drawback of less content and lower graphics, but I will be happy with it as long as they don't take out the wyverns, drakes, or reapers.
  10. Tuso and A.Mosa spawn locations? Welp, here I am. So I'm looking for tusos to tame now, and I have black pearls and soothing balms And looking for alpha mosas to kill for XP and black pearls but the thing is that I CANT FIND A SINGLE TUSO OR AN ALPHA MOSA!!!!! I've searched the most frequent spawn locations, the veggie island, carno island, winterland, and the remaining sea. any recommendations on where to find these bad boys? any kind of help is appreciated
  11. The thing is, that area is super close to the mosh pit, the volcano, the blue obelisk, the sea, the redwoods and large quantity of mid game resources. It certainly comes with risks though... shoutout to the titano and the alpha trex within 500m of my base TAT
  12. I mean kill it when it is in the sea
  13. so.... are you saying that I should drag the giga into the sea and kill it with my spino?
  14. Code Omega giga alert Help A mid level giga is in close proximity to my base. It is in the mountains. Anyone with tips to defeat it? My Calvary: 1xRex 1xSpino 2xAllo mate boosted 1xTherinzo 1xRhino 1xChalico Please give tips. My rex was almost savaged and it was a full level tame T_T my base is the yellow cross, the giga is at the red cross, the blue square is what I consider the 'safe zone' that theoretically should have no alphas, titanos, or gigas
  15. FYI i'm a singleplayer player, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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