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  1. Valguero stability issue on 561 I have been playing on many different servers/maps for the last few months, but I main on Valguero 561 because of the player base being so nice and friendly. However, we suffer an incredible amount of server lag and crashes on a weekly if not daily basis. This gets compounded during events and many of us put in tickets for server crashes. just this week, it has crashed two times and stayed down for hours at a time. this is unacceptable and it seems as if no one at Wildcard cares. yet, they keep shoving Genesis down our throats, buy buy buy. I say no, not until they fix their basic issues that have frustrated its core player base for years now. My server is down now, again, and not sure if or when it will be back up. I cant sit here all night waiting and wondering , I have work tomorrow. Which means, I will most likely lose 25 adolescent theris, 18 deionychus and 8 event wyverns eggs I have incubating. This is beyond frustrating and stressful when you have put so much time into breeding and raising only to have it washed away because Wildcard will not or can not keep their damn servers running.
  2. Well for one, I would like the event not to crash my server every 10 minutes or so. and you can forget gathering all of the mats for the emotes and crap,, when server crashes, all of that despawns from your inventory, so its is all for naught,, good job Wildcard... IT is all a joke!!. Most of my server is now in the process of podding all tames, especially babies, and waiting until Nov when this is all over.
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