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  1. Therizinosaur is stupidly overpowered The health and damage stats of the Therizinosaur have to be bugged! It's the only explanation for how, after inadvertently wandering across one of those stupid overgrown chickens, it proceeded to quite easily rip apart me, my Stego, my Trike, my two Raptors and my 5 Dilos without so much as even breaking a sweat (so to speak). I will, of course, take revenge of the thing by building one of those spiky wooden wall things and provoking the Theri to mindlessly attack it until it dies, but my vengeance will be bittersweet considering all the wasted hours I'd put into taming all the dinos the damn chicken killed. Of course, I've also got to somehow find the thing since I'd been on a scouting expedition miles from my base when I encountered it! The tragedy is real.
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