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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I had never heard about the "rule" of not opening unpowered fridges. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, but I appreciate all of you for responding to my cry for help. On the plus side, at least its x2 for halloween (until november 8th!!) and ExtraLife is coming up soon as well, so the recovery from this is not so grindy ?
  2. HELP! ALL MY CRYOPODS DIED! I play on a few different official servers, we check them every week at the very least, reset timers, feed everything, etc. Last time I was on my abb server, I noticed that I would need to get more element for our tek gen over x2. Now it's the weekend and I logged back into my abb server, my tek gen has run out of element, not really that big of a deal with spoil times being forever.. but I checked my cryofridges and EVERY single one was dead!! Cryopods last for 30 days in a player's inventory. Other storage things (i.e. fridges) revert spoil times to that of a pl
  3. Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling Bug After building our waterfall base on Valguero PVE, we noticed a bug with the greenhouse triangle ceilings. They can still be picked up after the "pick up allowed for __ seconds" timer has ended. The option to pick up the ceiling after the timer ends is automatic, thus meaning if you accidentally press triangle or go to claim a baby dino, it auto picks up the ceiling without the usual "press and hold triangle" function. This is especially troublesome when attempting to claim baby dinos and I often fall through the floor because of it. (lol) What it
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