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  1. 5x SeasonWar/StackMod/SmallTribes Hello guys, We had an big cluster like 1 year ago, and now we decided to start with a new Cluster on Valguero and the coming dlc map. We are currently starting with 24 Slots, we will increase the number of Slots when its needed. New Servers will be added to the Cluster soon. To give new players the chance to build up, we introduced SeasonWar. To prevent new player from getting wiped, there is an Offline Raid Protection until the End of the Seeason which begins 45min after logging out. At the End of the Season the SeasonWar will begin, means OfflineRaid protection will expire until the start of Season 2! Here are some general Settings: Taming 5x Harvest 5x Breeding 5x Imprint Buff 1.5 Max Player Level 200 Max Dino Level 300 Modded Drops Fast Flyer StackMod Colorfull Dinos Spawning Snow Owl spawns Reduced the Crafting cost of Unstable Element Offline Raid Protection timer: 45minutes Auto learn Tek: level 100+
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