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  1. Thank you all, different opinions is what I wanted. d1nk, he suggested splitscreen but I was suspicious and told him I'd investigate that first... so I did and yeah that is no option whatsoever. We'll use different screens. About the servers. PvP definitely and personally I prefer Primitive+ but I don't wanna force it on him so we'll see. Prolly gonna start with Vanilla. Honestly we wont have the time to play on Official in a way that would amount to anything. We both have jobs... I wish we had the time but we just don't - but he said we could try on a longer holiday and I'd really like to do that, and not just hand everything to him but to start with nothing and new characters and let him experience the pain himself for the first time. Like you said it would prolly make a better player out of him if he suffers first like everyone else. Also stuff comes at a slower phase so the learning curve of crafting for example is smoother as well as learning to appreciate stuff - and what other players can be like. That lesson I think he will need. He is waaay too happy go lucky about people atm. ...hahaha and then I see this, yeah I get what you mean but personally, I kinda think he needs that maybe? All the grind and brutality I mean and not to think everyone on a server is our buddy. The fear is what somehow in a masocistic way I've found enjoyable in Ark. Stuff matters. The fear is real on Official. The accomplishments greater even when small. The losses just grievious and horrible, but the excitement... I would like him to feel those things. The story is importnant too. I wonder how this all fits together. Maybe we'll start with Official for the reasons mentioned but then move to Unofficial for a more dedicated playing and investigate the story that way. Idk... what do you think? Getting somewhere on Official but then having to leave would be kinda sad but then again it's not like we could keep that up anyway... yet that raw experience is the fiber of this don't you think?
  2. My better half has always just watched me play Ark so he sort of knows the game but not really. Now the golden day has arrived: he wants to play too. We'll get a second console so we can truly play together. Any suggestions of how I shall introduce him to the merry world of Ark? He is a very social and curious one unlike me so stuff may very well turn out funny on it's own but I'd still like to give him a rememberable start to all this.
  3. The forgotten dinos annoy me more than they should... not sure why. With the offline protection I can't simply "clean" them off. Someone left their parasaur on turret mode to a place where I had to spend a lot of time and the warning sound irritated me after an hour enough to grab it with argentavis. I of course thought of tossing it to the sea at first but then I realized I know where the guy has build so I flew there and placed the parasaur on the top of their base. I think it was a little funny but just not enough so now I'm going to build a lost & found and just stack everything and everyone there I find lying around.
  4. Hey, thanks everyone. I got the opportunity to play on PlayStation again so it's all good. Still I'm very grateful of these answers as I can use this stuff anyway to help my laptop perform better, if not with Ark then with other games. I have never meddled with the hardware of a laptop or a computer before but hey there is a first time for everything. I definitely could use more ram like you said. Even with the fans working so they make noise they just can't cool the device enough and I imagine it's because it's all in such small closed up space. A laptop just can't breathe the way a desktop computer (especially an opened one) can. I wonder if the laptop could be left open too? Simply unplugging the charger keeps it nice and cool but then of course the time is limited as it uses only the battery. I thought I'd just say this anyway if someone else has the problem of overheating. All in all I think my mistake was to buy a laptop in the first place. I like it a lot but maybe it just doesn't cut it as the primarly device.
  5. You're right, it's 6. I'll add that to the first post... Now if it is okay I bother you with silly questions a little - by that twelve you mean the computer's ram right? I found a "outer" hard drive that says it has 1000 GB. So would using that work? In case you mean the GTX card ram, I'll have to do some googling to find out about increasing their ram. This is a laptop after all. I've never had to bother with learning about any of this before so excuse me if I'm being stupid here, and thank you for helping.
  6. Yeah seems that things are quite grievious for PC... On the console it was perfectly fine. Sigh. This is such a shame, Ark is an awesome game imo and there really is not anything similiar enough. I found out about another that people say is very similiar, but that one involved, well, too much violent pixel porn for me to even consider it. It's just not what I'm looking for I guess. But I still remain curious if some stuff can be "fixed" with Ark by just a humble player, like the storage space... I have never tried to run a game that's not in the computer itself but maybe it could be done? Not only freeing the computer's space but also because of it maybe it would run better, I don't know, still waiting for a wiser computer person's opinion about that. What "The Clash" said sounded a little worrying though. Maybe Ark should just have warning labels on it at the Steam store.
  7. (I'm new here, sorry if this is the wrong place... feel free to move.) Update: Reinstalling Primitive+ and Valguero did nothing about the yellow ground on unofficial Primitive+ servers. Yay. Also a lot of crashings and fatal errors with Vanilla unofficials, but got into those after a lot of trying... I just might take the advice given and leave this game that is so much trouble to even play on PC. Gladly I got the PC version from sale. Might return to Ark when I have console again... I used to play Ark on PlayStation... oh how one appreciates things they no longer have. No problems whatsoever back then. I actually just played the game. Now I've wasted this whole day just trying to play Ark but not actually playing it almost at all... Not sure where to even begin - installing the game again after a while was a mess of its own. The game requires so much space on my computer there really is no room for anything else. This has not been the case with any other games I've played. My computer also gets very hot running it and way too often it even freezes so that I have to restart the computer because nothing else can be done at that point. After I managed to actually install the game, I knew that the Primitive+ loading time was coming so I just sat back and did other stuff while waiting. I've noticed that not only finding boosted unofficial servers on Primitive+ is quite difficult, but joining them is even harder. I've heard that the game needs to download any mods used but it seemed that some servers I probably would never get in. Not sure why. When I finally got into one server that seemed to be everything I wanted, Valguero map with some boosted settings to it, I saw that the ground was yellow in some areas and well the game just looked pretty bad in general. I thought there was something going on with that spesific server... but nope, went to another one and there the yellow scene was again. No change of graphics did any good. I wonder if I have to reinstall the whole game or just the Valguero map? Also, the huge space required... is it possible to play Ark if it was saved to a storage outside the computer? (Hope that makes sense I'm not an english speaking person.) Does anyone have any info or tips to tell me? All I want is to enjoy the game again without huge pains. The computer is pretty new and does fine with other games like Far Cry for example. I think I checked if my computer could run Ark before I even bought it for PC and all seemed alright. I'll do my best to put some info here but the letters for sizes for example are different in my languange (I think what's Gt for me is GB for you), and I'm not very familiar with those anyway, so let's just hope here are no mistakes. Intel Core i5-8300H NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB 8 GB DDR4 256 GB m.2 SSD Windows 10 64-bit Here's the yellow world: https://aijaa.com/fLEhU9 https://aijaa.com/OokNGx https://aijaa.com/0asXzU
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