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  1. My friend and I are starting up a server for Xbox using a PC as the host for the first time. For some reason we can't join the server unless our device is on the same wi-fi network as the server. I seen a lot of posts across the internet about not being able to join a server from the SAME network as the host, but nothing about what to do if you can't join from a DIFFERENT network. For clarification you can join without any issue if you are using the same wi-fi as the host server. We are using the Windows version of the game for the host, no mods, and the Crystal Isles map. Any ideas on wh
  2. So we got the server working... sort of. He went through and did port forwarding to get the NAT off of strict and that worked. However, he can join the server from his Xbox but I can't, I just get the infamous "Join Failed" message. I've checked my own NAT and its open, not sure where to go from here.
  3. Still haven't figured it out. Narrowed the problem down to the NAT though. Its still set to moderate even after port forwarding.
  4. A friend of mine is setting up a PC dedicated server for the Xbox One for the first time, but cant get it to work. (He asked me to post this for him because he is having to work double shifts right now due to the virus). He set up the server using an Xbox Live Silver Account on a gaming pc he has, but any attempt to join it ends in a "Join Failed" message. On top of that while trouble shooting he found out that he cant currently even select the "Join Ark" tab in the main menu of the game. It either nothing happens when he selects it or the game crashes when he can select it. He has made s
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