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  1. The island have a caves near spawn...
  2. Ok, thanks but this for weterans. Caves for start for beginers (no must have dino to collect)?
  3. I want farm loot (wepons,bp,armor)...
  4. Best map for farming artifact? I very intresting what is the best map to farm a good artifact (Shotguns,Armor and more) the fast and eazy way.... For veterans and for beginers...
  5. Please check this video... I befeore think how you but, i see people on youtube (ofi. servers) see demage number's.... (Sorry for bad english)
  6. See demage number in the game.. I don't know when i enable demage number in option's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pr88hLj0QU (this link show how to do this) i can get ban on oficial servers...
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