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  1. HELL no rule PVP server opend SERVER NAME: HELL no rule PVP DIFFICULTY: Hard LOCATION: Asia -OUR SERVER No admin intervention, No favoritism, No starter kits, No level boost, On August 12, we opened a PVP server without rules. We are looking forward to your participation if you want to test your strength with PVP. Japanese alpha tribes are participating one after another. Come to this server if you are looking for a rewarding war! Are you going to be a hell demon or a dead? See you in hell. https://discord.gg/f3cnMFg -Rates XP: x2 Harvesting: x3 Hatching: x5 BabyMatureSpeed: x5 Imprinting: x3 Tribe imprint: allow CropGrowthSpeed: x5 ResourceRespawn: x0.25 Cave&Obelisk Building: disabled Max Per-Tribe: 6
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