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  1. (ADS) Ark Dream Server Cluster Are you looking for a server that isn't a brand new owner? Has worked through all the kinks? Knows what went well and what hasn't and is ready to provide 24/7 PVP experience for its players? Well, look no further! **** SERVER WILL WIPE ON 8/23!!! **** ARKS DREAM SERVER WEEKEND EVENTS LOTS OF BUILDING SPOTS NEW TRIBES GET 14 DAYS GRACE ON GRACE SERVER Instant Tame No fliers on abb 150x Breeding 10x Harvest No food/water drain Player lvl 105 before ascension Max Dino Level 150 PvP 24/7 Custom Drops All Maps! 8 Man Tribe limit! Stack Mods Boosted breeding EZ Craft Infinite Weight Manas Banned Chill Admins Growing Community https://discord.gg/pWhVmZc Must Join the Discord to Register! Will be a freshly wiped server on 8/23/2019!
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