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  1. Yep! This sucks! We've been waiting, for what seems like forever + 2 months, to move our characters to Genesis and now we can't even get into the server to continute playing because it filled up while we were sleeping. Like they didn't know everyone would be flooding the Gen servers, especially the first weekend. Bah!
  2. Genesis concerns - Looking for dev response pls My son, my hubby, and I were chatting about getting Genesis. We are a bit conflicted about getting the new DLC and here's why...We really want to check out the new stuff, but the hubby and I are fairly new to the game. We're around lvl 90 but we've only really played on extinction. We aren't even strong enough to do the bosses on our own yet. We have quite a few dinos on that map, that we worked really hard to get, and we aren't quite sure how to handle the new expansion with them. We tried out Valguero and used the terminals to take our characters over. One of us ended up having to leave a character on Extinction so we could feed the dinos we didn't have in cryo yet and make sure nothing decayed while we were gone. It was a real pain and not fun to leave stuff/people behind, especially when you only have a couple of people playing with you. I know that eventually the map will open up to let us transfer our items there, but someone has to log in and make sure nothing decays before that happens and that person misses out on playing their current character in the new map.Will Genesis be different? Maybe we can take our cryos with us but won't be able to open them until that point? Or do we have to leave everything behind and wait again? We don't want to wait to play Genesis because by then the maps will be full of columns and we won't be able to build anywhere, but we also don't want to leave someone behind again. We aren't fond of constantly making new characters after we've worked so hard for so many hours on our current characters, just to experience a new map. Will there be a way around this, other than making a new character? Or, will Genesis require making a new character anyway because the arm piece is gone now? Will the decay process be delayed for a while maybe? We are hoping there will be a solution this this, but I doubt very much that we will pre-purchase Genesis until we figure this out. I'd really like to get HLN-A but.....Would love to hear from a Dev on this if possible. Thanks!!
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