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  1. OOOOKAY... Looks like many people have been “offended “ by this post, I’m complaining about being able to buy a dlc that has no confirmed information whatsoever. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m sorry if my explanation was unclear or hard to understand. But I’m complaining about the showed content, and the player being able to buy it. But, I hope time will give you all the reason. btw of course I will buy this dlc but I’m just not happy with the content that has been anounced. But for the content that’s released I think it’s expensive. Have a nice day y’all.
  2. Again with the agressive/offended like responses im talking about the reveal trailer, if they do a reveal trailer Dont put it for sale if no one knows what the creatures are or the content its simple to understand geez :/
  3. Yeah so, you shouldnt do a reveal trailer and put it for sale, what if the dlc is crap. You will have wasted 30€ in an extensión you Dont even like. Thats what i mean bruh. Dont be so agressive its just a post.
  4. Why this expensive? I am really trying to understand why the Genesis DLC is 30€, its just not enough content for it being so expensive, Scorched Earth added 10 new creatures and 1 new map, extinction added 12 creatures and all the corrupt and enraged creatures and a map, Aberration added 16 new creatures and all the aberrant ones plus a map, and Valguero added 3 new creatures and an incredible map and its FREE. So please explain me why a DLC with three creatures and two maps (i think) is 30€. It just dosen't cost that much, and dont come at me with the "you're just new and you dont know how this works" or "this is an incredible DLC and its a normal price" becouse i've been playing ARK Survival Evolved since October 2016 and have 2769 hours and I love the game. It just dosen't seem right to pay 30€ for 3 new creatures and a skin. So please if any dev is reading this, think about what im saying. Have a nice day.
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