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  1. No the damage went from 800+ per hit to 280 per hit between fights for us. it's usual for a 25% debuff for the dragon, but 75% must be a bug.
  2. The question was not about the tactics, that I know, have done it dozens of times. The question is has anyone noticed there is now an increased debuff, where there is now 75% damage reduction (was 25%) to the dragon and it has increased damage in last 2 weeks.
  3. But the setting are quite vanilla anyway. What could change the Alpha dragon and leave everything else?
  4. Alpha dragon now OP? Has anyone else noticed the Alpha Dragon on the island is now OP compared to pre-patch? Nothing seems to have been adjusted for the Dragon in patch notes, yet we have gone from farming it to being wiped. Theri's with 800% Dmg dropped from 800+ to 350 dmg. Mate boosted etc still in effect. Nearly all unridden dino's wiped after 1st minute of dragon landing. Very unusual. Have tried twice now same result. Gamma seemed fine, no change. Playing on an unofficial server btw.
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