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  1. ericthegreat343

    Turret change discussion megathread

    just look at youtube guys
  2. ericthegreat343

    Turret change discussion megathread

    The devs need to realize that this turret nerf is gonna be the death of ark. just look at the youtube videos and actually listen to the players. They know what is better because we actually play the game. yall have not for the longest time. you can wipe anyone now with only 100 turrets. The lag is only gonna get worse too because people are gonna start spamming walls, pillars and spikes everywhere for long distances around theirs bases and that isnt gonna make anything better
  3. ericthegreat343

    Turret change discussion megathread

    hello, this is concerning the 100 turret limit, this update is gonna kill this game. This is coming from a players pov. A lot of people in the tribe arent happy at all about this. Even if there is more ammo capacity and damage, it will be so much easier to split the damage with the broken stegos and brontos or what ever. With only 100 turrets you cant really do much at all. you cant properly defend your base especially when you want to have internal turrets. Only thing you can really do is spam spikes and metal dino gates but these mega tribe will be able to wipe anyone and there will be much more offline raids. It will be too easy for someone to offline raid when they are only going against 100 turrets and there can be at the most 25 on each wall including the plant x which doesnt really do anything other than slow the dinos down a little. Even if a base was in a cave with a 100 turret, turret wall it would still be easy as hell breaking in with only a couple bullet soakers. This would be pushing people to join these mega tribes so they dont get wiped every night due to lack of defense