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  1. It really start to get strange when you're trying to mega mutate them into some heavy stats. Then luck and time are your only enemies :). If you look for long term mutations, you eventually get into breeding a male for the mutations and cycling the male only to prevent going over the 20/20 counters (stopping mutas).
  2. You can do it via ino, but stacking mod is way better. Globally adjust stack sizes.
  3. This also should go in server adertisements I think.
  4. zammartin - so you want to have him leverage his dino's for alpha drag and tek cave? Are you all bringing anything in or just participating?
  5. New to official Hiya all. Been playing on modded for about a month now and recently swapped over to public official. Wanting to link up with some folks and going to be kicking over to extinction here soon. I play on PC/PVE, so lemme know. I currently run on Legacy PvE 367.
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