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  1. I have a solution I made my own topic recently so I will post the solution here. wild card can make new sets of servers and out it under the category of new ark or something like how primitive plus is in it down category so in the new serves you can’t transfer dinos or characters from the old ones or stuff it’s like ark just started from scratch and before anyone says that I also want a wipe because I am new or something I played ark since day 1 I love the game and currently allied with strong alias across many servers so I’m fine with the game just don’t think it’s fair for others so a wipe would be great but again that years of breeding all gone would not be nice so they should make new sets of servers and that would make the Megas happy for not wiping and the new ppl happy for adding servers. Or they can make new servers where no one can transfer anything in except their characters for like 3 months but ppl can transfer stuff out. That’s what it think I would like to see your opinion
  2. Shams42


    Hi Hi I’m looking for a tribe I already have a tribe on abb I got thousands of hours in ark I’m a good breeder tamer building grinder fighter raider and defender played ark since day 1 and already got 2 alpha tribes who we r friends with maybe we can work something out.
  3. Well they wipe every month I mean like servers like the normal ones
  4. (Hear me out please) new servers or wipe So hello ark devs and ark players I have something to say. ark is a great game I love it i play it a lot played it since day 1 but I have come to a conclusion. its been 3 years since official release and the server wipe and since then if you didn’t get to be a alpha/mega in the first year and continue then you can never build up because no matter how hard you try the Megas who played since day 1 will always be stronger than you and will wipe you eventually even if you are a new player even if you found a dead server they will come and raid you and that makes many ppl leave ark and not play like me and my friends I am a very big fan of ark love the game but this makes me leave I’m fine with getting raided but you can’t build up to be a mega or alpha so many ppl leave ark cuz of this problem so I have a solution. Option A:you can wipe the servers option B: if you don’t want to wipe them I understand that so I have a plan. Make new servers for all the maps and those servers will be placed under their on category like how primitive plus is then that’s where the newcomers or old ppl who left ark go to play it’s like a new world of ark like it just got wiped or just got released oh yeah and you can’t transfer anything into those servers from the old ones and also you can’t transfer stuff out of those servers to the old ones I hope you read this ark this would bring a lot of ppl back to the game and you can count me and 20 of my friends in so if you see 21 ppl coming back to ark just so you know that’s us well 20 cuz I still play ark but you know what I mean please take sometime read this and if you have any questions send it to my e mail ark thank you and I hope you think about it.
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