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  1. Hey! Ark Xbox one, LAN server? Hey! I was wonder if Ark LAN mode could be added to the Xbox version of the game? So me and my friends want to play ark via Xbox, but neither of us have or want to pay for gold. I was thinking that it would be cool if they just brought their Xboxes over to play using the same wi-fi. Could this possibly be added in the future? (neither of us have good computers. Also I don't see why this would be a negative for PC users either.) Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey! Ark 3d models with sandboxr? Hey community. I have been looking left right and center for this old-ish ark merch. I am aware that sandboxr has been taken down, but i'm not sure if the app is really gone or if i'm just looking in the wrong place. Surly I'll have an answer soon enough, happy surviving and thanks in advanced!
  3. Hey! Ark steam re-downloading? Hey guys, so I'm trying to download ark after I did a factory reset. It takes about 2 hours for it to download which was okay and I was prepared for that. But than it got weird. It started over again for 4 hours this time, than again for 3, than for another 3. After the third time I had realized it was probably just my maps of val and rag. I than went to thinking the fourth was just because of the new update. This is either the 5th or 6th time of it downloading. Any suggestions? By the way it's a steam installation.
  4. Hey! Val wyvern eggs? Hey guys! I know this topic has been repeated over and over again, tho i can't seem to find an answer. So i have a nice Valguero set up and can't find any wyvern eggs. I have been playing for a while on this solo world but keep in mind I'm not a very evolving player(i can't decide i want a Rex, than go get a Rex) I have plenty dinos and my settings are advanced to player support. I am playing on an Xbox and need the wyverns. Please help. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey! Xbox Cross-play installation Hey everybody! I have bought the Xbox version of Ark and have owned it for awhile, but when i got it on the Microsoft store. It didn't work. I know a lot of people have had this problem tho i couldn't find an answer. Basically I could click on open Ark but all it would do is open the loading/pop-up screen than turn off. I have tried to wait awhile, yet to my 'surprise' (cough, cough) it still didn't show.
  6. Hey guys!! Thanks for all your reply's!! I DID IT!!! tho is kinda sad. there aren't any eggs.I know its a big problem on valguero, but l didnt know that before. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks LED! I think it wasn't mentioned before 'cause i'm not quite THAT upgraded! Tho its an amazing idea! Thanks!!
  8. Thanks nukegoose and caslterock! I love those suggestions and will probably use them!! Tho do y'all have an idea on how too use pteros? I've got millions!!
  9. Hey! Thanks Adoman! I think that is a fantastic and simple idea, but i don't actually have a griffin yet #InMyDreams Thanks Anyways!!!
  10. Hey! Valguero Chalk Cliffs Rex Taming Hey! Im playing a solo Valguero map with modified settings and such. Im pretty great at taming and love the chalk cliffs! I need suggestions for quick taming Rexes.
  11. I know this conversation is almost over, but thanks everybody!?
  12. And thanks Mani21!!! So specific. Sorry for the Super late reply, but iI`ll keep that and Qwertymine's suggestion close to the brain and in-game. srry again, dont rlly know if youll ever see this.
  13. Hey thanks Qwertmine! Sorry for the late reply but all i can say is `GENIUS`. Cant believe the answer was that close and right under my nose! Trikes for the Win!
  14. Hey! Easy-Mid difficulty taming for powerful herds/packs? Hey! I'm playing a solo game and was wondering if anybody knew of some fairly easy tames that I can make packs out of? they do not have to have the pack buff or quick hatching or maturing speeds. For that i have my settings quite strange-like.
  15. Hey, Thank Hammer! The circumstances are well... i join a solo, leveled up, tamed a few dinos, then goes on crazy adventures that I SHOULD NOT go on (AT ALL) this early. Though i have quick level ups. (gets kinda annoying when you see "Quetz platform saddle" when you best dinos are a pack of deinchius which just learned how to play follow the leader!) Ha!
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