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  1. i will be uploading screenshots to this post soon, thank you. I was about to buy 66 more playstations and 66 more copies of ark and then join the server with 70 players total as I have 4 ark copies already and 4 playstation 4's, I was very close to ordering that until I read that reply. I was going to join the server with 70/70 players all my id's until all their stuff expires, since that would not be against the code of conduct. but I like your reply so I will give you all the proof you need and evidences soon
  2. teaming on small tribe official server teaming on small tribe official server what is your stance on that? i'm a solo player, wish you had ffa servers I keep getting teamed on by alphas also what is your stance of people selling player items for real $$? I have many players that are selling as well with screen shots I have screenshots, please reply and I will bother to upload them all to this ticket, please do not close this ticket as I have over 200 screenshots to provide my server is - server 4 - tribe name, angry god - player name - Gabriel - if you want to check logs
  3. my poor babies my poor kangarooooos will starve
  4. ps4 - connection time out ark ps4 - connection time out ark i cannot sign into ark on the ps 4, player name - gabriel - server 4 small tribe official. i get a connection time out on any server please advise.
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