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  1. Did you actually keep reading through the post the thread? I found out the info from E3 itself with the Ragnarok trailer, and info on whether the Ragnarok map would be free on console was not mentioned there. I already got my question answered, so there is no reason to be an arse with your comment.
  2. No, if you bought Early Access, no matter which platform, You have the $60 version of the game. No purchase needed for the base game, only if you want to get the paid DLC expansions, which is only 2 for PS4 early access users.
  3. Might not. From what I know, the whole cross buy thing on Microsoft's end is specific to the digital versions, not physical copies. But I can't say if WC may have a deal that will allow their physical copies to include PC download Keys for W10 PC's.
  4. Aside from getting the game at a discounted price, WC may give us some in game skins as a thank you for the time we spent with the game.
  5. not gonna hear me disagree with you. What I won't mind is the server wipe upon release, my tribe isn't too big- at most 3-4 active members several that are inactive, not even in Tek Tier, and a lot of Dinos- so a wipe won't hurt me or my tribe too bad.
  6. Agreed, but I don't mind since I'm on a PvE server and my tribe there is a medium sized tribe.
  7. The SE assets are in the base game, otherwise players who don't have SE wouldn't see people riding the wyverns on the Island or the Center.
  8. It just hit me, when the game releases, will all the Official Servers be wiped on all platforms? After all, most of the servers have established tribes with large bases, it will be difficult for new players who want to form their own tribes to establish their own bases. Let alone, on the Official Server I play on for XBO, some of the large tribes have placed pillars down around their bases to stop others from building too close and losing the resources in that area.
  9. I'm wondering if Ragnarok will be free to console on July 4th. I would like to think that it would be free for consoles since Steam is getting it free to begin with.
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