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  1. Hatchlings falling theough floors?. Hello, Is it me or haven't they fixed this yet? Hatchlings still fall through floors and ceilings. Sometimes they just disappear altogether after they've hatched and I fly off to do other things. When I get back and open the totally enclosed pen (including ceiling) they're gone. They had plenty of food, they just vanish. thanks iosman
  2. Do plant species x need irrigation now? Hello, So do the plants need irrigation now after this patch or are they ok with just rain water still? thanks iosman
  3. Quetzl platform construction Hello, I have been trying to build a platform for my buddies Q, I planed it out for 3 wide foundations using the roof snap trick, the problem is I cannot get them to snap in, tried in wood and metal, was this patched or am I just doing it wrong? thanks iosman
  4. Costumes for tamed creatures? Hello, I noticed when i went to put a saddle on my first tamed Dino that there was a "costume" option.. how do i get these costumes for my Dinos and are they on single player ? because that's what i play on currently. thanks iosman
  5. Hello, ive been going pretty hardcore on breeding powerhouse sabers, just wondering if theres any other mounts people would rercommend for caving? on Scorched Earth and The Island. thanks iosman
  6. Is it hard to tame a Giga? Hi, I've never tamed a Giga before. I feel like I'd probably just get killed over and over, and that I should probably get a tribe together to help me and then we could share the tame or something, but I don't know. Is it pretty hard to tame a Giga? How do you do it? And once you have one, how do you keep it from eating all your other dinos? thanks iosman
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