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  1. DDOSSING Genesis -139 constant DDOSS is so annoying. I know there isn’t much you can do but u should ban the dude doing it, he bragging about it in the chat...
  2. Crash upon death Every time I play genesis and die.. I crash and there is no way around it. So not only can I not play with ease because of constant lag, but I can’t die either.
  3. Genesis server lag I was hoping... I really was but once again studio wild card can’t release a DLC for their lives. Mine aswell hand over the game to EA I would rather be able to play this game without 255 ping on all genesis server but have to buy everything.. I just don’t understand why wild card cannot release a good and finished map. It doesn’t make sense, do you guys higher like ammeters at coding or whatever. Like I know it’s hard but if I aren’t gonna make it good don’t even try at this point. I have been waiting for ages for this DLC and it is just so laggy I cannot play whatsoever
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