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  1. Screwdrvr

    New toilet

    New toilet How about a new tek device, A "Autonomous Waste reclaimation device" - A tek toilet?
  2. Crashes! Hello, I have been getting crashes on my Valguero server for three days now. In my Ragnarok or my island servers there have been no crashes ( Same Computer ). I have made sure to reinstall the ark, i have deleted and reinstalled all mods, etc. still crashes. I have included a link to an image on Imgur. ( https://imgur.com/8QedUEP )
  3. Checked this post, lot of players with the similar issue last year it appears.
  4. It only seems to be one server for some reason!
  5. Battleye Hello, All of a sudden after an update this morning battleye install pops up whenever i try to join one of my custom servers, anyone have a handle on this?
  6. The "Cheat destroywilddinos" command should wipe them out if you are an admin on the server!
  7. Clusters Hello, wasn't sure where to ask this question! has anyone tried to make a cluster on their network drive to cluster two or more local computers running Arks? i have one computer running the Ragnarok, and Valguero maps. And one computer running the extinction, and The island maps. I want to use a central cluster for them.
  8. Copying Structures Hello, is it possible to copy/move my structures from one of my arks to another without messing up my other players? I was wanting to try the sync option, but wasn't sure whether i should, i did a search on here but nothing came up. thanks in advance!!
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