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  1. You're right, just tested, it appears it's only the s+ version you can't turn off.... and sadly it's a far superior version, the vanilla one can't even send you to boss arenas whereas the s+ one not only has that additional feature, but a dino scan feature..... but no "off" switch?!?! I'd love to suggest an off switch, but the mod author has stopped work on s+, so there's pretty much zero percent chance this gets fixed.
  2. Disable the retina burning, seizure inducing light show from the Tek Transmitter ARK....... we need to talk.... I've been holding my tongue on this for a long long time, but it's become too painful to even get near my base when it's night time! The Tek Transmitter and s+ Tek Transmitter are incredibly useful things to have when you unlock tek, but the light show HAS to go! No other piece from the tek tier is THIS bad, or atleast has an option to turn the device off..... throw us a bone here will ya? My eyes..... they BURN!
  3. Well on reopening the notepad file I saved, checking it a little closer revealed that the forums formatting seems to insert random question marks when you convert it..... lol this is really triggering, the whole purpose of the "code" thing is supposed to make it easy for people to copy and paste, but it seems to be broken on this forum
  4. I can't really say I disagree, it was a bad move for them to strip everything out in the first place, anyone who's playing Official PC or console will never get to really experience the map, they'll get to experience some watered down WC interpretation of it, on PC atleast you have the option of using a mod to restore everything back to mostly the way it's supposed to be, but only if you're not playing on Official..... console users have no options at all...... Valguero was given the "S+" treatment and everything good stripped away to become some garbage "homestead" crap, and WC needs to stop doing this.
  5. Ok I just did a little test, pasted everything into a notepad and attempted to save it to desktop as a new text file, it gave me the same error you were getting..... but if you click "ok" it will still save, and from what i can tell it doesn't lose anything, I think it's some formatting that is being applied by the forums here that is causing the issue, but you should be ok to just cut and paste and then click ok to save it to your game.ini when you get the error.... just make sure to make a backup copy of your game.ini first in the event that I'm wrong.
  6. Great! I need to update this though, through a little debugging and experimentation I found that Valguero uses several different types of loot crates, and this code only affects one specific type..... I'll update the above post with the full code that I now use on my server...... and be warned, it's ALOT more to type, lol
  7. Try this...... type out all the code into a notepad from what you see visually, that should eliminate any ANSI/Unicode errors because the characters came right from your own keyboard.
  8. lol he's absolutely got a point, it's definitely broken....... but this is something broken in our favor and I don't really see it as a huge deal myself, I mean if you want to get right down to the brass tacks, no drop in the overworld map has much risk attached to it..... maybe a random yuty that you have to wait till it leaves or something like that, but I just don't see this as *that* much of a game changer, the loot can vary from garbage to a little OP, but so can loot in the overworld.
  9. That's really odd...... is this happening when opening the file in Windows notepad? It could have something to do with your version of windows missing something in the English language pack which is converting some of the text to gibberish..... that's the only times I've ever really encountered errors like this before, if possible check your language packs and make sure the full pack is installed.
  10. LOL IKR! I make sure to tell people about the cave on my server and suggest they go have a look
  11. It's the 50,50 mechanic, Quetzes will always fly to 50,50 when you start tranqing them, we've managed to tame 3 on my server without any going down in the water so far though, so it is doable, you just have to get a little better at steering them in a dryer direction...... it's kinda frustrating, and takes a little time to get it right, but it is doable...... I don't play official, so my method is shooting from the back of a Griffin(have the Valguero dino and map extension mod installed), but it shouldn't be any different with an argy or anything else, you just need to get good at steering it....... and yeah, it's kindof unfortunate that 50,50 on this map is directly over water, lol
  12. Lol *points us to the free loot while complaining about the free loot* MOST helpful member ever! Btw you can loot the crates TWICE if you stay in the cave a couple extra seconds to let them respawn, after that it's around a 45 minute wait..... and then go loot them twice AGAIN! And yeah you can get some REALLY nice stuff out of there..... I scored a 357% Longneck on one trip and a 436% Crossbow on the next trip!
  13. It wouldn't work, they wouldn't build nests and lay eggs...... fortunately however, the map devs have seen fit to give us a mod that adds the Rock Drake and some other creatures back to the map so you can go grab yourself some eggs. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1786522940
  14. There are weather effects, nothing too crazy like anything you'd find on scorched, but weather effects nonetheless...... they've even added rainbows after a heavy rain(or atleast I don't recall them being on any other map) and tbh they're kinda cool. As for the flying in Aberration zone, you're going to need to be on a server that has cave flying enabled in order for that to work(I ALWAYS enable that on my servers)..... as for the "why?".... I'm guessing they were trying to maintain a similar feel to Aberration, but it's kinda dumb on Official since you only have Rock Drakes on Dedicated and SP running the extension mod....... it was a really bad and really dumb decision on Wildcards part to have both flyers disabled AND remove Rock Drakes.
  15. I haven't been into this cave yet so forgive my ignorance, but isn't there a button on the inside that opens the door back up? I could've swore some videos I've watched of other people running that cave atleast referenced the exit button. Maybe go back and gamma up and look? I kinda feel like I have to go look for myself now
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