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  1. You do realize the cactus sap isn't a bug and is actually pretty clever right? The act of cutting the cactus is what gives you water, like in real life. People don't cut open cactus' and drink sap there are small pools of water in them. Its not lazy game design, its intended... guarantee that giving the player water by breaking an object was much more difficult to code then simply adding it to a consumable. They wanted to make something interesting and reward people that used logic to survive in a desert. Not gonna comment on the rest of this topic though, op raises some good points about their production cycle. However just because a game has some decent bugs, it doesn't mean the entire experience is ruined because of it. Ultimately you are the person to decide whether or not to let the bugs get to you and "sour" your soup. Personally ark is one of my favorite games of all time, is it perfect? Far from it. But I don't let its lack of perfection get to me. Also its perfectly possible to beat the game on singleplayer without cheat codes. If it wasn't how do you think mega tribes do it at all? They just use more players to divvy up the work and complete it faster. (All this comes from abt 2500 hrs of play, 1200 in official PvP, abt 1000 in PvE, and 300 or so in sp)
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