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  1. I also like those smaller foundations. Our current ones are really big. I think there should also be a way to make them smaller by half the height. Like pull it out to place then use the right trigger to switch to a lower height. Actually that's a good idea to do the same for all placement objects.
  2. That looks awesome!!! I want that base! LOL!!!
  3. MayaJackson


    So... with this tent... will it function like an actual tent? Put up temporarily and take it down and store in our inventory to use when necessary?
  4. Will the Xbox get to experience the Birthday festivities as well? I've been playing Ark since December and I haven't seen the DodoRex in my game yet.
  5. MayaJackson


    So... Jat... What's in the trunk, huh?? Blueprint for that new Chem Station??? Perhaps??? Some awesome weapon, crafting station or tool that we can't make ourselves???? LMAO!!
  6. MayaJackson


    Now how are we suppose to find this Jat??? I'm going to need an aerial view of it's location. LOL!!!! So is this only in PC or also in Xbox version?
  7. Will we be able to fly like Iron Man with that armor? LOL!!! Now... THAT would be cool!!!
  8. I love these open world, multiplayer survival games!!!  We need a REALLY good one!!  With a mix of the Sims (reproduction, neighbors, building & jobs), ESO (MMO), and Ark (gathering resources, taming, wars/alliances).  That game would rule the entire genre!!!!!  I think all three studios should collaborate and make it happen. 

  9. Thanks so much for answering!!! And heck yah... those new dinos are great!!!! I want to get that Gallamimus!!! I watched one take off like bolt of lightening!!!! Those things are quick!
  10. I have a question regarding the server because I just got my own and very new to it. Don't know what's different since the update since I got mine after the update came out. How were you able to get 30 players on your server? Are you able to list it on the server search screen or do you have to tell people you have it and give them the server's screen name for them to search for? And was there a console previously or was it something that was suppose to come out but didn't? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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