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  1. Creepy Noises? So I'm playing small tribes solo and while running around on my Ravager, I heard a sort of singing or more like humming. I know that the huge crystals make a hum but I'm right at the edge of Green and blue and I hear a female survivor singing/humming. It's not the only strange noise I've heard, I also heard voices talking to each other, very distant though like an echo. The final noise I've heard was by portal lake, I stopped by to fill my Water Jar and heard drowning. Not like another player in the area, but very distant like an echo. My friend says he has heard other noises like hungry survivor noises and other stuff but he said he has never heard these specific noises. I'm pretty freaked out and want to know if these are actual noises in Aberration, or if I need to clean my ears.
  2. Ddosing Ps4 I transferred to Server50, Small Tribes NA on ps4, and its being Ddosed. I really don't want to lose my survivor since it's a high level. I just want to know what Wildcard does to stop ddosing and do that to the server I'm basically trapped on. I don't know what they do to stop it and I also want to know If survivors become lost when they do, can someone explain? Please I love this game but It's just infested with people who do this.
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