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  1. AngryOrchard Rag, Valguero, Extinction , Aberration Cluster HI! I wanted to invite players to Angry Orchard PvP . A Cluster of Rag, Center, Extinction and The Volcano. Rates are high, because not everyone has time to grind 8 hours a day. Come check us out and have fun! Difficulty 14 Harvest 6x 20xp Taming 8x Player lv 150 Server links Ragnarok http://AngryOrchardPvPRagnarok.arkers.io Aberration http://AngryOrchardPvPAberration.arkers.io Extinction http://AngryOrchardPvPExtinction.arkers.io Valguero http://AngryOrchardPvPValguero.arkers.io Discord f
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