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  1. Server Crashing Bug Every single time someone crafts a charge lantern, the aberration server I host crashes. It only does this with charge lanterns. I have upgraded the server version as well as validated the game files on the host pc but nothing seems to work
  2. Modded Stat Dinos So on a server that I host, we had modified the stats of a Ptero with the Dino Station mod and wanted to transfer it to our Extinction server. I uploaded the Ptero nice and easy but then it just greyed out and will NOT let me pull it out whatsoever. My question is this; is it possible to grab the uploaded dino file from inside the game files and somehow use that to spawn it back in?
  3. I managed to get it to go away (by deleting my save file) Then I ran into a tribe bug where I kept getting my tribe reset and the game thought I was in 2 tribes at once while also making me in neither at the same time... Please do something with switch version because people have and still pay full price for it
  4. Really annoying reset bug I got ark switch and every time I exit to main menu my stats AND engrams reset but not my level. I can handle engrams with the give engrams command but the stat upgrades I cannot deal with since my level stays the same...
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